Monday, November 26, 2007

This week's sermon: Worship

Romans 12.
We have covered Thanksgiving and Praise, and many would say that in doing so, we have covered all the necessary aspects of worship. But worship is more than just recognizing who God is and what He has done on our behalf. Worship requires a change. Worship begins with an attitude change.

Humility is the beginning of worship. When we recognize who God is, when we see Him at work, we get a clear picture of who we are in relation to Him. He is so much greater than we are, and yet He loves us. In view of that, our appropriate response is to recognize Him as Lord. That is why Paul tells us our spiritual act of worship is presenting our lives as a living sacrifice. When our hearts are humble before God, it is the attitude of worship.

From humility comes a desire to serve our Lord. Paul moves on to talk briefly about spiritual gifts and our responsibility to use them in proportion to our faith. If we recognize Jesus as Lord and God, we will offer ourselves in service to Him. When we serve God, it is an act of worship.

Along with humility and service, comes a new view of love. Paul tells us when we serve our brothers and sisters in Christ, when we mourn with those who mourn; rejoice with those who rejoice; surround those in our fellowship who are struggling it is an act of worship.

The greatest change that God can bring about in our hearts is that we can bless those who curse us, and feed and clothe our enemies. When we lay down our self-lordship and allow God to work in us, He will bring about such an attitude of humility that we will care more about serving Him, and loving others in His name, than we will care about being right and winning. When we trust God to get the victory, we can be obedient to His commands and trust Him to act. When we bless our enemies, it is an act of worship.

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